Monday, August 22, 2011

My Assault on Assault on Black Reach Part 9

From Mars' Project Blog
From Mars' Project Blog
I am within striking distance of finishing this guy. He ended up being pretty time consuming with all the free-handing. I put in quite a few hours this weekend in order to meet my game club's deadline. So I should be able to make it barring anything catastrophic.

I am not a fan of the sculpted banner. The detail sculpted on is nice because you don't have to free-hand paint it. But then you run into the conflict of pretending it isn't raised, since the design would be flat on the banner, or highlighting it like all the other raised areas on the model. One way or another, I felt like it was discordant. When I highlighted the raised part it made the banner look like it was supposed to have raised areas of the design, and then when I opted not to, which was my final choice, it looks like it needs more highlighting. Cest la ve.

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  1. He looks really good. The attention to detail and all the freehand work you've done really brings him to life.

    I'd never really considered the raised effect on the banner before now. Some military banners do have embossed features, made with thicker material.

  2. Embossed features! See know that is something I can wrap my head around. Thanks for being on-point Sendraks, I will keep that in mind on the next raised banner I take on.