Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Assault on Assault on Black Reach Part 8

From Mars' Project Blog
Got a little work in on my Company Master last night. I got all the shading done via washes. I may brush in some actual paint shading, but we will see. These colors are light and dark enough, respectively, that I should be able to get away with a few washes.
From Mars' Project Blog

At the end of the allotted paining time I decided to do so some finishing work. I had to block this guy in with color completely because I wasn't sure how everything would look. With that done, and him shaded, I could start my usual inside-to-out method. I thought I would finish the flesh colors of his face and his hair.
From Mars' Project Blog

I am eager to get further under way on this guy. I am hoping I can break off a large chunk of time this week, but if not there is the weekend.

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