Monday, August 15, 2011

My Assault on Assault on Black Reach Part 7

From Mars' Project Blog
In hopes of competing in my club's next painting challenge which is due in 10 days, I blocked in all the color on this guy over the weekend. Shamefacedly, I admit that it being due in ten days means I am already down to the wire with how slow I paint. Although I was going to save him for last, the captain from Assault on Black Reach works for my current project, and the club challenge, so he got called up early.

This captain is a Company Master in the Dark Angels 'dex. He can't actually have a power weapon and bolter as a load out, so that is just one big and fancy bolt pistol. I wanted the project to be Dark Angels from the 5th Company so I did the banner and cape to match the badge of the 5th.
From Mars' Project Blog
From Mars' Project Blog

Because there is going to be so much going on with this model, I wanted to block in all my colors, including the base for a lot of the free-handing. I will shade and paint over a lot of it, but the guide helps me out and gives me a basis to go over when it comes time to polish up and line the free-handing for a "finished" look. The nice part about getting it down early is that you will get some color variation and shading on the free-handing just by merit of shading the garment the free-handing is on, so it adds more depth to the work.
From Mars' Project Blog

With all the base colors blocked in I will get cracking on finishing this guy up. 10 days here we go!

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