Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Daemon Prince of Khorne, Mephiston Squasher?

I have always been kind of fan of Khorne, though that isn't too shocking. It seems everyone I know has, at some point or another, embraced their inner rawr and been enamored with the personification of unbridled rage.

After unintentionally painting a very Khornesque Daemon Prince I decided to have a look at Mark of Khorne for and possibilities having it created for the model. I should preface this by stating that my original intent with my princes was to run them cheap, just basically a 30 point shooting attack and that is it. Playing against my friend Mike's Dark Eldar started making me ponder the value of an armor save, and that kind of opened a flood gate. I started entertaining notions of fully loaded Nurgle and Slaanesh princes, but still never looking at the Khorne.

So then what was one to do when they ended up with an accidental Khorne prince? Take that karma and make karmacorn! Looking through my codex, the very first thing that stuck out was the Collar of Khorne. The mark was kind of exciting, in that it gave another attack, but nothing that made me jump up and down. The collar though...there is something there. I play against Mephiston a lot. And he tears up a lot of things...a lot. Enter my prince. With 6 attacks on the charge, a strength 7 shooting attack, and 2+ save against his force weapon, suddenly the rerolling, Str 10 Mephiston isn't as scary. The best part is, unless I roll really well I probably will not kill Mephiston until his assault phase, which prevents me from having to stand there getting shot in face while covered in Mephiston's gore.

Mephiston could well decide to stay away from my Khorne prince, but that is nice too. If I plant the prince amidst other things, well what isn't better off for not having that monster librarian threatening them? I hope to create a situation where it becomes a piece swap, and I am on the winning end.

Obviously he has uses past Mephiston and I am excited to have a direction in which to go with my new prince. His librarian hunting ways are already swirling around in my head. Cha'dmhaught is on the prowl!

Librarian blood for the Blood God!

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