Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mhaught Gets Blocked

From Mars' Project Blog

I got all the color on Mhaught blocked in. The red and gold ended up being more Khorne, or Skorne, definitely something "orne", than I intended. It didn't bother me enough to change it up though. Maybe for giggles I will run him as Khorne prince some day. In the meantime I will keep running him cheap.

The skin tone looked kind of flat so I decided to add a little color by making the skin around some of tubing look bruised. I am hopeful that the bruising will not only add an organic feel, but the contrast of the purple and the yellow will add more "pop" to the model.
From Mars' Project Blog

Once I realized how Skorne-like Mhaught was turning out I decide to succumb and give that lacquered gold some of the PP models have a try. I pretty much just used Baal Red wash over the Shinning Gold base. Currently I am not super thrilled about it, but I think with some darker washes to create shadow, as well as reclaiming some of the gold in highlight it will come together. I will also keep the Chaos star as the same gold as the rest of the model in order to create some contrast on the shoulder armor.
From Mars' Project Blog

I am excited to get this model to this point, which is like 1/3 done, but the time crunch is pressing down. I have five days to finish, and will not get anything done tonight. Yeah for deadlines. Mhaught must be finished!

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