Friday, January 7, 2011

Mhaught's Red Armor

For Greg's approval and your perusal, I followed Greg's advice and added a little red into this guy. Check it out:
From Mars' Project Blog

Greg, aka the Greg who gave me the model, aka J.G. "Honeysuckle" Mathews by his friends in "the yard", is a very accomplished painter. So when he tells me to do something with a model I normally hop to.

I used a pretty simple build for the red, shading wise. I started with Mechrite Red as a base over the Dupicolor Gray Primer I use.
From Mars' Project Blog

Then I just hit it with a generous wash of Baal Red straight out of the pot.
From Mars' Project Blog

Lastly I lined the places where the shadow would be deepest with Asurman Blue wash, also straight out of the pot.
From Mars' Project Blog

That deepest shade is a little light for me right now, but since so much of it is flush with that trim which will be gold, I want to see how dark it gets when it collects the shade from the gold colored parts as well.

Speaking of gold-colored parts, I spent the lion's share of my brush time last night blocking in the base color for the metallic parts on the model. Having to do it over, I may have just primed this guy black. Though it would have made the skin tone darker, or take more time, so I think the gray (Which is my color of choice.) probably ended up being about even.

Pretty much everything that looks black in the first picture above is, except the parts that I will be painting gold. In the case of gold, bronze, etc I use a 1:1 Chaos Black/Scorched Brown base. I am hoping to get the gold and silver metallics blocked in tonight, as well as shaded. I have a sneaking suspicion I will not get a lot done him this weekend as I am headed out of town to watch the Seahawk's game with friends. It will no doubt entail drinking to excess during the game, with still more drinking afterwards to celebrate victory. Or the more likely outcome wherein I drown my sorrows. Either way I see some recovery time required on Sunday, so Mhaught will have to be neglected until Monday. That will mean I have a scant seven days to finish him when next he and my brush meet. Down to the wire friends, down to the wire...

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