Thursday, January 13, 2011

Must Move On

Mhaught's skin is "done". I don't want it to be, in fact there are large swathes that I want to do over. This is because I suffer from a similar curse to many miniature painters, wherein, I always want to do more. I am going to say I am done due to a deadline and the words of my mother, sounding faintly from the echoes of memory, scolding, "Don't pick at it you'll make it worse."
From Mars' Project Blog
From Mars' Project Blog

It should be noted that I didn't actually quit "picking at it" until a few glazes after the photography. I am still really new to putting striations in the musculature. I glazed them down a couple of times as I thought they were coming across a touch too bright.

The bruising affect I was trying to create failed in looking like a bruise, but upheld its job at being visually interesting. It doesn't look like a bruise so much as just kind of purple, which is ok because it is a daemon.

The full color progression for the skin was as follows: Base coated with 2:1 Midlund Flesh (MF)/Rucksack Tan (RT). First shade was glazed over base with 2:1:1 MF/RT/Thornwood Green (TG) and ample amounts of glaze medium. Final shade was brushed into the deepest recesses with 1:1 TG/Cryx Bane Base (CBB).

Reclaimed the base coat where I was messy from the shading the shading with the base coat. First highlight was 2:1:1 MF/RT/Jack Bone (JB). Second highlight was 1:1 JB/Menoth White Highlight (MWH). Final highlight and muscle striations were 1:2 JB/MWH. Finally mixed a super thin glaze of RT and glazed down the "tops" of the muscles.

I am learning a lot about painting organic surfaces like skin, claws, etc with these guys so it has been a lot of fun. Here is a shot of Mhaught so far:
From Mars' Project Blog

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