Monday, January 3, 2011

First Thoughts on Daemons

Just a quick note. From last Tuesday, to Saturday, I got in at least one game of 40k and a twelve pack a day. All of my opponents were gracious enough to let me proxy so a combined Daemon/Tau model force tore forth from the warp to go 1-1-2.

In all, the games were a kick. Daemonic Assault is pretty interesting. Especially because you don't break your forces until your first turn. That pretty much cements in my mind that there are very few instances in which my Daemon army will want to go first. By going second you have advantage in objective missions by going last, in Kill Point mission you deny your opponent the first turn of shooting, and you can see what is down, and where, before you start calling in your vile beasts. (Or in the case of this weekend, some beasts and some fire warriors.)

The Daemon shooting powers are really cool, and I don't want to put them on BS 3 heralds. Much rather have them on the BS 5 princes, but the princes get very expensive with a mark. In all I am still a huge fan of Breath of Chaos, because Bolt is only hitting half the time anyway. But I will need to test it a touch more. My favorite power is Gift of Mutation. The turning to spawn thing is OK, though in many ways detrimental, but being able to single out a model, and use the shooting power in close combat makes me feel like I am getting 30 points out of it.

That is all for now. Going to snap some WIP pics of the daemon prince I am working on and hopefully get him cracked out this weekish.

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