Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thanks Deke Stella!

You may have noticed my new banner for the ol' MPB. I just wanted to say, "Thanks!" to my good friend Deke of Soda Pop Miniatures fame, as well as this blog, for whipping it up for me. There is a lot going on for Soda Pop, including getting picked up by the Warstore and he is a busy guy.

I have been up to my eyes in building Slaanesh. Caught an awesome trade on Bartertown and ended up with a whole other box of Daemonettes as a bonus. I have been assembling a lot of Daemonettes and Seekers all the while cursing their contact points for gluing their arms on. I get why the models were cut that way, just me and my fat fingers hate it.

Should have everything I need for the Daemon list purchased as of Saturday. No more proxies for this guy. From there I will push through to build everything and start to get the paint brush going. The month of Tzeentch has seen little progress, and is threatened by a work trip I have to take, but I think the goal is still attainable. Must build faster!

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