Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gifted Prince Under Way

From Mars' Project Blog

The history of this guy has been alluded to in a few posts, but the skinny on this guy is that my buddy Greg gave him to me for Christmas when I was rummaging through his crap in his super-secret back room. That room is very cool, and loaded with magical GW product. I was over come with flashes of petty larceny at its viewing, but refrained on account of the fact that he is my daughter's godfather, and I figured it would create weirdness if I busted out a good old smash-and-grab.

I am obviously not very far along with this guy, just the base, skin base coat (2:1 Midlund Flesh/Rucksack Tan), and first shade (2:1:1 Midlund Flesh/Rucksack Tan/Thornwood Green with a lot of Glaze Medium and water).

Painting tip, when you wash or glaze large areas with a shading color, do it with the model upside down. Also let it dry upside down if you can help it. I normally have magnets in my base, so I just stick them to the metal pole that runs under my painting table.

I ended up spending a little time with the base, just because there is so much of it. I wanted to keep with the shattered and out of time landscape, so I worked in a little cobblestone into his base.
From Mars' Project Blog

I have only played a few games with this guy, so I haven't even named him. I have been running him cheap, just basic prince, no mark, with either Breath of Chaos or Gift of Mutation. I think like the idea of giving him the 3+ armor save with Iron Hide, especially with the prevalence of poison out there. Not sure if it is worth the 30 points though.

I still have along way to go with figuring out the best prince for me, but in the meantime who can resist this winning smile?
From Mars' Project Blog

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  1. Lucky are those who spend time in Greg's secret back room!

    He looks like a 'Chad the Demon Prince'to me...

  2. Get out of my head! It is like you can see my thoughts. I was totally thinking Chad...or Somalia. Not Ghana though...dicks knocked us out of the World Cup.