Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gifted Prince WIP

From Mars' Project Blog

I would like to thank all my readers, or reader, for his suggestion for the name of my prince. Thus far the names in the running are:

Chad the Daemon Prince
Mhaught, the Frenchest of Ticklers, the Sloppiest of Seconds.

For folks who are fond of banter filled internet jackassery there is s a fella' what goes by the name of Mike over at Scary Biscuits Studios. We tend to leave each other "helpful" comments from time to time. Mike and I went to college together, though he lives in New Zealand now so I am sure he calls it "University" or something equally as pretentious.

Anyway, back in my acerbic gamer youth I felt it was not only appropriate, but necessary, to ridicule those gamers who didn't play the games I did. Mike was the standard bearer of Flames of War, and his WW2 shenanigans were claiming the guys I played with at an exponential rate. We had many a "back and forth" on the internets, but enjoyed each other's company a great deal in person. I think we are also the only people in our club who give a damn about baseball.

Mike has since moved on to work for Battlefront, has a killer blog, and secretly is developing a fantasy game within the FoW scale because he such a fan of the genre (I probably made that last part up, unless it turns out that I didn't. In which case you heard it hear first!). Check out his blog, it is awesome, especially for not having any monsters.

Back to my shiz. I spent a little time on this guy last night. I added the final shade for the yellowish skin (1:1 Thornwood Green/Cryx Bane Base). Then I had a little time to reclaim some of the higher parts of the model with my base skin tone (2:1 Midlund Flesh/Rucksack Tan).
From Mars' Project Blog

Normally I would finish this color up before moving on another part of the model, but this guys is sculpted in such a way that areas of flesh just kind of become armor and vice versa. I want to get those areas blocked out before I start adding final high lights, chiefly because I don't want to put a lot of time into something I will just end up painting over. I should be able to get some of that down tonight so I at least have an idea of what I am looking at.

Lastly, the interwebs tell me GW is losing money again, or has been for years, whatever. I know that this is in part, perhaps largely, to them sometimes conducting themselves like perfect bastards. Even still, buy GW, or whatever game you are playing. We can't keep playing their game if they go out of business. And if you think they have done some dumb stuff now, wait till you see what they do when they need to drop into a recovery mode.

Ok this was a long one. So summation is thus: Mike Haught, good guy, killer blog. Daemon prince is being worked on. Buy GW, or whatever game you play.

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  1. We bantered? Neat!

    WIP is looking cool. I should get off my ass and do some 28mm,... its been a while and you've got me thinking. I'll have to dig out some Rackham stuff to add a touch of irony to your comment about supporting your favorite game companies.

    And yes, I call it University, because whenever I talk about college, these crazy Kiwis think I'm talking about highschool... weirdos...

    Finally, don't read my's crap. :)